New JERSEY'S Sexy gift
Boudoir Shoot

- The gift for the man who has everything -
get Ready to surprise the $#@! out of your man
Your mind is probably racing.

You’re thrilled and nervous at the same time.

You know he would be blown away with a gift like this, but you’re not sure if you can pull this off. Who do you trust?

We're glad to see boudoir photography is on your radar! Let's help you out.
Hot boudoir poses by: New Jersey Boudoir Photographer
NJ bridal boudoir photography by: Loboudoir Photography
catering to women ages 25 - 60 & sizes 0 - 24
We are a team of creative fashion stylists, hair and makeup artists, photographers, photo editors, and designers. 

If you're searching for professional New Jersey boudoir photographers that are fun to work with, we're perfect for you.

We are experts in the art of showing off a woman's true beauty while giving you the opportunity to look and feel stronger.
before & after photos
Look, we get it: self-esteem is hard to come by
You can find courage in yourself through these photos. You’ll find we pack our sessions with soul, creating an experience that transcends photos.

It's time to reclaim your confidence and realize your inner and outer beauty.

Oh, and you’ll leave your man dumbstruck and your friends jealous!
Elegant NJ Boudoir Photography by: LoBoudoir
NJ wedding gift boudoir shoots by: Monmouth County Photographer - LoBoudoir
95% of the women on our site are camera shy
We do not expect you to come and know how to be a supermodel. We will show you how to pose, move, and express yourself. 

We have the experience to make you feel relaxed and energize you at the same time.

Whether your style is rock star, over-the-top, or understated and classic we will create photos that he can't get enough of.
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We've helped 700+ women own their killer boudoir photos for:
·        Their Wedding Day
·        His or Your Milestone Birthday 
·        Their Anniversary
·        Spicing Things Up
·        Celebrate Pregnancy
NJ  Anniversary Gift boudoir shoots by: Monmouth County Photographer - LoBoudoir
New Jersey Before & After Boudoir Ideas - Loboudoir Photography
Inspired by color, art, and fashion, we are the professionals to call when you want to have loads of fun and an incredible experience while being photographed.

Unconventional boudoir photography and modern glamour photography is our forte.

If you want photos that look like fashion ads and you just need some encouragement, we’re here for you.
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so much more than taking pictures in your lingerie
Your experience with us is as much for you as it is for him. So many of our clients have walked into our studio petrified yet left feeling like new women.

It’s an incredible day of transformation, self-discovery, and self-confidence that you’ll cherish long after your shoot is over.

We offer unlimited assistance and guidance every step of the way, empowering you and making you look and feel incredible.
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NJ Sexy Sport  Boudoir Gift Photos by: Loboudoir Photography
- Boudoir Experience Videos-

Inspiring boudoir session experience stories from women who never thought a boudoir shoot was for them

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