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If you have imagined yourself enjoying a makeover and taking stunning photos that look as if they were a part of a fashion ad, then this experience is perfect for you.  

To coin the phrase ‘a photo speaks 1,000 words’.  95% of our client’s photographs on this website are of women full of insecurities and self doubt. But you cannot tell.  Regardless if you feel unattractive, overweight, underweight, too old (or too bald).

Our services to you extend well beyond taking boudoir photos and our skills are tried and true.

Each of our boudoir session experiences includes complete wardrobe assistance, incredible makeup and hairstyling, creative lighting, flattering posing direction; you will be amazed with your outcome.


Beauty Transformations
from our licensed cosmetologists

Our stylist Cheryl is a licensed cosmetologist for hair, makeup, skincare and nails - with 25 years experience working in the field.

Cheryl will consult with you to establish the right look, level of application, colors and shades to match your style, taste, complexion, the vibe you're after and, more importantly, your outfits. 

She is amazingly talented for applying the right amount of makeup for the camera and consistently nails the look our clients are after, truly making women feel fabulous. She is your stylist for your entire boudoir photo shoot. You have her full assistance during your session: picking the best of the best outfit pieces from what you bring, helping you with all your dressing needs, OMG help moments, stylizing your poses with the best jewelry, assisting you with posing and styling your hair position for pose variations.

Plus addressing unflattering things going on with your clothing, things you simply can't see happening.

Everyone wants to feel attractive and confident.  Countless women do not have the guts to step into a boudoir photo shoot, regardless of her age, weight, body shape or dress size.  So we applaud you for taking this step forward.

Simply put, we are driven to help you do what you never thought you could.  We help women of all ages find herself, rebuild herself, celebrate herself, and prove she can rock sexy as well, as if not better than, anyone else.

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Inspiring boudoir session experience stories from women who never thought a boudoir shoot was for them

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