NJ’s Self Esteem Boudoir Shoot

- Let's free you of emotion baggage of your past -
Step out of your comfort zone & Take your own breath away
Whether you’ve thought about a boudoir photo shoot for years or just this morning, you’re here now! 

We get what you’re thinking: You’re excited but unsure how to get started. Who do you trust? 

Whether you’re interested in boudoir photos to spice up your relationship or for yourself, isn't it time to stop procrastinating and making excuses?
NJ plus size boudoir photos - Loboudoir Photography
NJ Tattoo Boudoir Pictures - Loboudoir
95% of the women on our site are camera shy
We do not expect you to come and know how to be a supermodel. We will show you how to pose, move, and express yourself. 

We have the experience to make you feel relaxed and energized at the same time.

Whether your style is rock star, over-the-top, or understated and classic we will create photos that showcase your personality.
we get it: self-esteem is hard to come by
Are you recently divorced? Take your power back!

Do you feel like you’re losing the connection with your husband or boyfriend? A sexy, sweet surprise like boudoir photos can get things back on track.

Do you feel left out because you have no boyfriend or husband? You don’t need a man. Treat yourself!

Do you have a new body after children? Embrace it.
NJ plus size boudoir photos - before and after - Loboudoir Photography
NJ Sensual boudoir poses - Implied nude poses by Lo Boudoir Photography
We help 100+ women a year celebrate:
·        Bucket List
·        Weight Loss Goals
·        A Milestone Birthday 
·        Beating an Eating Disorder
·        Lifestyle Change
·        New Pregnancy Curves
catering to women ages 25 - 60 & sizes 0 - 24
We are a team of creative fashion stylists, hair and makeup artists, photographers, photo editors, and designers. 

If you're searching for professional New Jersey boudoir photographers that are fun to work with, we're perfect for you.

We are experts in the art of showing off a woman's true beauty while giving you the opportunity to look and feel stronger.
Sexy boudoir pictures - NJ Boudoir photography
New Jersey boudoir photography and modern glamour photography - Before and After Photo
Inspired by color, art, and fashion, we are the professionals to call when you want to have loads of fun and an incredible experience while being photographed.

Unconventional boudoir photography and modern glamour photography is our forte. Implied nude poses, done! Flattering plus size boudoir photos, no problem!
so much more than taking pictures in your lingerie
Your boudoir photoshoot with us is about so much more than taking pictures in your lingerie.

It’s an experience of transformation, one of beauty, self-discovery, and confidence that you’ll cherish long after your shoot is over.

We offer the personal, intimate, individualized, and unique boudoir experience you are searching for.
NJ’s Self Esteem Boudoir Shoot - Before and After Photo
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