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- banishing Women's insecurities for 24 years -

We know what you’re thinking: can you really banish self-doubt and insecurities with boudoir photography? When a photo shoot is done right, absolutely. Our clients consistently express feeling more confident, sexy, and powerful after working with us.

We are one of the most satisfying boudoir photographers in the NJ and NY areas. Whether you heard about us online or a friend referred you, you know our boudoir sessions are very different from what’s offered elsewhere.

Beyond creating sexy boudoir photos we have an unrivaled dedication in creating a unique boudoir photo shoot experience with expert coordination, fun and creative ideas, full of individualized attention on you, the client!  When you walk into our photography studio, you know that the next few hours are going to be all about amazing you.


What’s your
version of sexy?

Every woman has her own version of sexy. No matter your age, shape, or weight, we can make you feel beautiful and incredibly sexy through our boudoir photography experiences.

Whether your style is over the top, understated, or classic, let us create photos that express your personality while uncovering your inner vixen.

If you have been looking at #boudoirphotos online, pondering a session in your head, don’t stress over it – contact us today to learn more, and answers your questions.


NJ’s highly rated
boudoir photo shoot

When was the last time you’ve done something nice for yourself? We know that many of our clients don’t get the chance to treat themselves to a killer pair of heels or set of sexy lingerie. They’re family women with jobs and responsibilities. Let’s put yourself first, even if it’s only for an afternoon.

We’re here to make you feel better about yourself. Perhaps you were recently divorced and need a pick-me-up. You may have just celebrated a milestone birthday like 40 or 50 and need a reminder that you’re still beautiful. You could have just had a baby or lost weight and want to feel comfortable in your skin.

‍No two photo sessions are alike at LoBoudoir Photography. Your experience will be tailored to your personality and taste. Our entire staff will help you with every part of the photo shoot, from hair and makeup to choosing your outfit and expressing yourself and posing. You’ll feel celebrated and empowered.

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