If you believe life is not about collecting regrets, let us help you explore outside of your comfort zone without judgment.

We help women accept and express their sexuality freely and not to be ashamed of it.  Your boudoir photo shoot with us is a life changing event.  Every moment consumed, with celebrating your individuality, looking beautiful, feeling amazingly sexy with dignity, elegance and class. This is your opportunity to see yourself in a new light, to feel more beautiful, more confident, and emotionally stronger than you have in years.

Imagine loving and accepting yourself.  Imagine feeling like someone new. Imagine radiating energy that draws others in; laughing louder, smiling easier, and walking taller. It may seem hard to believe what we are saying, but we’ve helped hundreds of women feel like this and so much more. The confidence gained will last a life time and your memories will never fade. 

About Chris

- boudoir photographer - owner -
Photo of Chris - Owner of LoBoudoir Photography

47 years old happily married to my (very understanding) amazing wife and we have two beautiful daughters.

My boudoir business started as a side project for me. If you ever had that moment when you’re like what am I doing? Am I making a difference? Where am I leaving my mark? You may understand where I’m coming from. I wanted an emotional impact from my work. 

I know of no other form of photography that offers such a joyful reaction from a client than boudoir photography. In some ways we are changing women’s lives, pushing the buttons of emotions based on the photos we create.   

I followed my heart and left the corporate world as an architectural designer to work for myself a commercial photographer.  Over the years I have traveled around the US, Caribbean and Mexico photographing fashion, manufacturing, architecture, and documenting the creative work of people for household names such as Google, Ann Taylor, L'Oreal, JJill, Chevrolet and BASF. www.chrislobue.com

I am fascinated by creative lighting, it’s what drives me.  Boudoir allows me to use all techniques I often have to leave behind on commercial shoots.

I believe life is short and life’s best moments happen outside your comfort zone.

- Chris

About Cheryl

- makeover and fashion stylist -
Photo of Cheryl - Fashion and Make-up Artist at LoBoudoir Photography

My passion is to redefine what we’ve been taught about beauty. Beauty does not mean covering someone in layers of makeup . . .  it's simply finding that one thing that makes you shine.

With over 25 years in the professional beauty industry as a makeup artist and hair stylist for CNBC, NY Fashion Week, magazine lifestyle photoshoots, Blue Bloods TV drama and non-union films.

I volunteer with the Look Good Feel Better program, helping women to feel beautiful and forget their pain while battling cancer.

Out of all my experiences throughout my career, the one thing I get the most gratification from is just making someone feel incredible about themself, seeing things within that they may not have noticed before.

- Cheryl

A luxury boudoir shoot for
women of any age, size or shape

We’re not shy when we say we offer one of the most comfortable and professional boudoir photo shoot experience in New Jersey. Your day is a peek into the beauty and fashion world that models & celebrities go through.

We will show you that you can look “like that” when you’re pampered in the same way as women featured in today’s magazines. 

I’m referring to professional, highly skilled makeup and hair styling, proper garment and accessory selections, creative boudoir photographers, posing direction, flattering camera angles, special lighting tricks and yes, specialized computer retouching.

- Our TV Appearances -

Good Morning America and Telemundo TV interviewed us about the boudoir session experiences we offer

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