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a girl who had come a long way from a severe eating disorder

- My Birthday Boudoir Shoot -

Birthday Boudoir Shoot Photo - Loboudoir Photography

My first (and hopefully not last) boudoir photo shoot with LoBoudoir was, without a doubt, one of the best gifts I have given myself and I would not be able to say that without also giving Chris and Erika the recognition they deserve.

I wanted to do something empowering for my birthday that was just for me, and showed the stronger version of a girl who had come a long way from a severe eating disorder years ago. I could have never expected to feel the way I feel now after having completed the photo shoot, and would recommend this experience to anyone and everyone.

It is not just the experience of a boudoir photo shoot that I would recommend, but it is the professionalism and ease of LoBoudoir that I wholeheartedly recommend.  It is very difficult for a woman or anyone for that matter, to become comfortable in an intimate type of setting in such a short period of time, nonetheless, take your clothes off in the process!

However, Chris and Erika's personalities make you feel as though you've known them for years. Thank you, for taking the time to show me around and making me feel comfortable in a setting I was completely unfamiliar with. Erika was extremely attentive to detail, did an incredible job on my hair and makeup, and stayed the entire shoot to help out with positioning, touching up, props, and anywhere else she could step in.

Chris had an extremely positive attitude, encouraged me beyond belief, understood my body language almost instantaneously, and did not short-change a single thing. If it meant I had to stand like a flamingo in 5 inch heels for 20 minutes just to wait for the sun to light the room perfectly, he demonstrated his commitment to get me the perfect picture, and Erika made sure I didn't sweat my makeup off in the process.

I am so grateful for their patience in that respect. I was put in great hands and I am extremely thankful for it.  This has been a truly memorable experience that I have not stopped raving about. I can't wait for my album to arrive!

Thank you, LoBoudoir, for all that you have done and for taking such great care of me. I hope I have the pleasure of seeing you all again someday, perhaps for more boudoir pictures, I will certainly be recommending you to anyone inquiring. Thank you so very very much!!

- Emily U.

for anybody who wants to feel GREAT about themselves

- 25th Wedding Anniversary Boudoir Session -

Anniversary Boudoir Session photo - Loboudoir Photography

These people do great work. They are professional about what they do and at the same time make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

My boudoir pictures came out absolutely amazing. This was a surprise gift for my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary...and boy was he surprised. He said this was the best gift I could have EVER given him!!!

Highly recommend this experience for anybody who wants to feel GREAT about themselves.

- Amy O.

unsure I'D HAVE the guts to take sexy pictures

 - My Maternity Boudoir Session -

Maternity Boudoir Session Photo - Loboudoir Photography

We wanted something fresh, unique, edgy yet classy, sexy, etc for our maternity photos..   Prior to the photo shoot, Chris contacted me to help me get an idea of what I wanted. Boy was this helpful because I was completely lost and undecided.  

When my husband had suggested maternity boudoir photos, I was a bit apprehensive.  I was proud of my pregnant body but not sure if I would have the guts to take sexy pictures.  As soon as we arrived, Chris and Erika made us feel at home.  They helped us with our stuff, put on some music, and discussed some of the clothes I had brought.  

Erika did my hair and makeup and I wish I had used her for my wedding!  That's how amazing she made me look!  She also respected what I wanted in terms of makeup and how I typically do my own.  During the photo shoot, Chris eased me into posing.  To start, he picked the outfit I felt most comfortable in.  Chris guided me in the right direction so we could get the most out of our photo shoot!

I've never felt natural posing and smiling but Chris was able to get it out of me!  He knew exactly what to say to get to me smile and laugh naturally and to calm down and feel comfortable and sexy.  Even though I was 9 months pregnant, I never felt more beautiful!  Chris had creative, sexy, bold, and classy ideas about poses for me and my husband and I.  He instinctively knew the right positions, angles, and lighting that made me look the most flattering!  

My husband and I now have wonderful and sexy memories of my pregnancy! It was an amazing experience that we will never forget.  I would highly recommend Chris and LoBoudoir Photography to ALL expectant mothers for not just a wonderful, confidence-boosting experience, but for life-long memories!  

We can't thank Chris enough for our amazing maternity pictures!  I can't wait to hang them up in our house! We LOVE you Chris...

- Nichol V. 

add it to your bucket list - then just book a session

- My 10 Year Anniversary Boudoir Session -

10 Year Anniversary Boudoir Session photo - Loboudoir Photography

I had an amazing experience yesterday in the boudoir studio with Chris and Erika. Beautiful studio, loved my hair and makeup by Erika and they really helped me pull all the pieces together I brought.

I wanted a gift for the hubby since I always get him the same thing, LOL. I loved being able to show him the teaser shots right away. Very comfortable, fun and absolutely makes you feel fantastic when you see your photos!

I kept saying that's me, Wow! I was able to do different clothing styles to show different sides of my personality. Overall amazing experience, add a boudoir session to your bucket list and then just book a session.

- Joanne D.

I searched for ways to move forward in my life in a positive way

- My 50th Birthday Boudoir Shoot -

50th Birthday Boudoir Shoot - Loboudoir Photography

I really don't know where to begin. The experience was definitely a step outside my comfort zone. I didn't know what to expect, but was committed to doing this for myself. From beginning to end professional, empowering, comfortable, enlightening and totally an awesome gift to myself.

Setting it up was a breeze. I found Chris to be extremely flexible and understanding of my life situations that caused rescheduling. All information provided was complete with attention to individual needs, and responded to quickly and efficiently.

Upon arriving, I was warmly greeted by Chris and Erika. They gave me a tour, made me comfortable, reviewed my wardrobe, and completely explained the makeover and photography process. Erika interviewed me to understand my perspective, and suggested several options. She then proceeded to work miracles while putting me at ease with her step by step explanation of makeup application and hair styling, withholding my new look until the final reveal. Amazing!!  

She was there throughout the entire process; picking outfits, suggesting accessories,  showing me how to pose, adjusting my clothing and refreshing my look. Overall, making the shoot very relaxed and comfortable. Chris provided music of my choice, and a totally comfortable and professional environment for my day.

Never having done this before, I found his direction to be clear and easy to follow. I felt relaxed, pretty and even sexy. The results exceeded my expectations. When we reviewed the photos, I was amazed with the outcome. I usually shy away from photos, as I am never pleased with the results. Chris was able to capture the essence of ME.

This was definitely money well spent. I hope I have the opportunity to do it again, and would highly recommend this experience to anyone.

In my search for ways to move forward in my life in a positive way, my time spent with Chris and Erika ranks very highly. Thanks sharing your gifts. 

- Deborah P.


- My Bridal Boudoir Session -

Plus Size Bridal Boudoir Session Photo- Loboudoir Photography

I actually cannot speak more highly of LoBoudoir Photography. INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, OUTSTANDING... Let’s start at the beginning.

I decided that I wanted to do some boudoir photos as a gift to my fiancé. I've seen the gorgeous boudoir photos and desperately wanted to look like that. I began researching places for boudoir photos, but there was nothing that was just quite right. One place was too far away, another too expensive, still another with no studio telling me to rent a hotel room (??!? yikes) another with mediocre pictures.

I kept searching, found LoBoudoir Photography and nervously booked a session. I don't look like those girls, 6 foot tall and a size zero. I don't look like that. I am a normal woman at 5'-3" and curvier than I would have wanted, but I booked the session, nerves and all.  I spoke with Chris several times, and explored my nerves with him.  He told me that it didn't matter what I see, it matters what his camera sees, and he can manipulate it to make me look like those girls.

It was HIS job to make me look that way. After that conversation, I stopped looking at Pinterest boards and online photos of boudoir poses. I shopped for the right sexy outfits and planned to go. The day of went off without a hitch. Hair and makeup was absolutely gorgeous and the dynamic duo talked me through the session, how to pose, where to look, etc. As the photos came rolling in, I snuck peeks and became more and more confident because they were amazing, before editing!

After the session, we sat down to go through my favorites and after compiling the book, the price was absolutely appropriate (actually less than what it should have been!!--- not saying to increase the prices! lol).... and the best part was I got a sneak preview of a few photos before the finished product.

Now, as I sit here writing this review, I am anxiously waiting for the finished product to arrive, and I am SO EXCITED to give this to my fiancé. From someone who doesn't like to have photos taken to make the decision to do this (and not back out!), you know that this place is top notch. I'd give 10 stars if I could.  I literally cannot speak more highly of LoBoudoir Photography.

A boudoir session is amazing experience and I would recommend, hands down, to anyone.   Hey, I might even go back again for a second go-round! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE OUTSTANDING WORK!

- Jessica P.


- My Wedding Anniversary Session -

Wedding Anniversary Boudoir Session photo - Loboudoir Photography

I had an amazing experience and would definitely recommend scheduling a boudoir shoot with Chris, Sam & Ericka.  

They were all so professional and wonderful to me!!  

I'm in total awe over my classy boudoir photos -- and they haven't even been edited yet!  

DON'T OVER THINK IT, JUST DO IT!  It's one of the best things you can do for yourself!

- Karen W.

the most fun day I've ever had with my clothes off!

- My Anniversary Boudoir Photo Session -

Anniversary Boudoir Photo Session - Loboudoir Photography

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, first things first here, if you've already made an appointment and you're thinking about canceling it, do yourself a favor and DON'T!

My photo shoot experience was by far the most liberating, exhilarating, and all around the most fun day I've ever had with my clothes off! But wait, that doesn't mean that you have to be naked or even half naked for that matter. Chris and his team will make you feel and look like a Victoria's Secret Angel getting ready to strut your stuff down the runway!

Stuck on what to wear? No problem! Chris will personally assist you in that department way before your shoot, he'll even ask you for pictures of your ensembles so that he can let you know what's hot and what's not. Think you don't have the right body for this? Think again!! You are perfect in every way and Chris and Erika made me actually believe it!

Feeling nervous or anxious? No worries, Chris and Erika made me feel as if I was walking on cloud nine. Erika made my hair and makeup look as if I was stepping out to pose for Vogue magazine and Chris's professionalism and artistic eye made me feel beautiful, sexy and strong.

So Ladies, if you're looking for a little something to give your significant other or if you're just looking for a much needed confidence boost, BOOK YOUR BOUDOIR SHOOT NOW! This experience will change how you feel about yourself instantly. Your confidence will be sky high and you'll never want it to end. Much love Chris and Erika, you guys rocked my world!

- Jennifer C.

All I can say is WOW!

- My Bridal Boudoir Session -

Bridal Boudoir Session Photo - Loboudoir Photography

All I can say is WOW! What an amazing experience! Seriously, Chris and Erika make you feel SO comfortable. They are super sweet and kind.

The studio is beautiful! Nothing creepy about it at all! Very professional!

Chris played my favorite music to help you relax; I was super nervous but went away quick! Erika was a huge help making me feel really comfortable as well. She talks to you the whole time and makes you look and feel absolutely beautiful!!

After seeing my makeup I immediately asked her to do my makeup for my wedding, it was that good!!! It's not too much, so if you're nervous about makeup and that you may look like a clown, DON'T BE! She's amazing!

They guide you through the whole boudoir shoot, so if you're nervous that you may not know how to do boudoir poses, they have more tricks up their sleeves then you can image. Which is why I was glad I hired them. They are the professionals and know what will look best so that you're nothing but amazed by your photos!

So whether this is a gift for your wedding, boyfriend, fiancé, husband, celebrating your pregnancy, just something for yourself, it's a major confidence booster! I never thought I looked that good, until I saw my sexy photos! It's the best money I've ever spent, and would do it again! I couldn't be happier with my experience and photos! Thank you so much Chris and Erika!

- Jessica M.

boosted my confidence and made me feel WOW...
weeks after I am still feeling that WOW

- My Wedding Boudoir Session -

Wedding Boudoir Session photo- Loboudoir Photography

I couldn't be any happier with my experience and photos from LoBoudior Photography. Everything was above and beyond my expectations.

I always knew I wanted to take sexy boudoir photos for my fiancé to surprise him with the album the morning of my wedding, but I needed the courage. After losing 30+ lbs. on Weight Watchers I finally got the courage to call and make the booking.

Chris was VERY helpful during the planning process with when to come, what to wear, what type of looks to go for etc. I arrived after work ( I am a Teacher) for my shoot and was pampered from the minute I walked in. I felt like a true model.

Chris had amazing ideas that I would've never thought of. It felt and looked like a high end fashion shoot. In the end after my boudoir shoot I felt as if this was no longer just a gift to my fiancé on our wedding day but a gift for me.

It boosted my confidence and made me feel WOW... and weeks after I am still feeling that WOW. Thank you Chris and Erica! I can't wait to see his face when I give it to him.

- Franki V.

...can make the average girl feel so comfortable in her skin

- My Wedding Boudoir Session -

Wedding Boudoir Session photo - Loboudoir Photography

My Husband LOVED the book!

Chris is a true talent, with an eye that can make the average girl feel so comfortable in her skin that he is able to bring out her outer beauty in a sexy but sophisticated way.

He was accommodating when I had suggestions on poses and outfits, he went along with it which I liked. He was open-minded about the shoot.

With Chris's guidance I was prepared for my boudoir session, Erika was amazing with hair and makeup. I felt extremely comfortable during the whole day. (Besides the fact that those poses look easy but the next day you will be sore as if you just attended a Pilates class lol).

Chris also took my engagement pictures for us which were stunning.  I highly suggest using Chris for all of your events because not only is his photography amazing, his personality is also complimentary. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again!

- Dana T.

Every woman should do this at least once

- My Wedding Boudoir Session -

Curvey Wedding Boudoir Session photo- Loboudoir Photography

What an amazing experience! Chris & Erika make a great team, so organized, professional & down-to-earth.

They made me feel completely comfortable during my boudoir shoot. The photos far exceeded my expectations & are absolutely beautiful, sexy, and classy!

Every woman should do this at least once. I am looking forward to doing another shoot in the future. Thanks Chris & Erika

- Linda S.

You will feel beautiful, sexy & empowered

- My Bucket List Boudoir Session -

Bucket List Boudoir Session photo - Loboudoir Photography

I had such an amazing time & felt so beautiful. I couldn't believe how comfortable I was posing in barely anything.

Chris, Erika & Sam were so professional & did an amazing Job. I would highly recommend boudoir photographs to anyone thinking about doing this.

You will feel beautiful, sexy & empowered. Every woman should try this at least once. I would love to do it again.

- Danielle P.

By far one of the best days of my life

- My  Birthday Boudoir Photo Session -

Birthday Boudoir Photo Session - Loboudoir Photography

Today was an amazing experience. Where to begin?

I contacted Chris about a month and half ago. Right off the bat he made me so comfortable. I booked my boudoir session the same day of talking with him. On my way to the studio I was so nervous.

When I arrived everyone made me feel so good. Little by little I started to feel more and more relaxed. My makeover in itself was stunning. Erika is the best. She's super sweet and an amazing stylist.

After my first few pictures my confidence skyrocketed. Chris and Samantha really guided me and captured amazing pictures. They were both amazing.

I had by far one of the best days of my life. I highly recommend LoBoudoir. They really helped me see that I am beautiful. Thank you so much for making my birthday one to remember. You guys rock!!!

- Deanna L.

for the first time in 20 years he was speechless

- My Anniversary Boudoir Shoot -

Anniversary Boudoir Shoot Photo - Loboudoir Photography

Chris and Erika are an amazing team.... I wanted to do something special for my husband and this was the perfect gift.

I was a nervous wreck when I arrived at my appointment as soon as I walked in the studio Chris and Erika made me feel right at home. Chris was amazing to work with; he is experienced, patient, attentive, and all-around sweetheart of a person.

The studio is amazing I loved all the natural light and how it reflected beautifully in the photos. His stylist Erica was phenomenal she did an amazing job on my makeup and hair. I also loved that she stayed in the room during the entire shoot to assist in fixing hair and helping me with posing.

When I received my boudoir album I was completely blown away by how beautiful all the pictures looked. I gave the gift to my husband and for the first time in 20 years he was speechless, the only word he kept saying was "WOW". Every woman should treat herself to this at least once!

- Lori M.

completely changed how I feel about myself

- My Bucket List Boudoir Session -

Curvey  Boudoir Session Photo- Loboudoir Photography

Why was I so scared?

Why didn't I think I was beautiful and sexy like my husband always says?

A day with Chris, Sam, and Erika completely changed how I feel about myself. They truly showed me how awesome I really am.

They are amazing! I can't wait to do this again next year!

- Danielle G.

I loved every single second

- My Boudoir Session - His Anniversary Gift -

Anniversary Gift Boudoir Shoot Photo - Loboudoir Photography

Where to begin... I decided on LoBoudoir for my own boudoir photo shoot, after a ton of online research and I am so happy that I did.

Chris took the time, even before I officially booked a date, to ease my concerns and answer any silly question that I had. He explained everything, step-by-step so that I knew exactly what I was walking into. He is a true professional and a very talented artist.

Erika, my very talented makeup/hair artist for the day, is just a wonderful delight and an absolute pleasure to work with! I arrived terrified of what I was going to do, but they walked me through everything and made me feel comfortable in an instant... like we were friends for years!

After a couple of lighting tests, we jumped right in and I like to think that I rocked it, LOL (with their guidance, of course!!). 

My boudoir photos were absolutely amazing and I couldn't believe that was me in those pics! While it was hard work and I felt like I'd done 3 hours of yoga for a few days after the shoot, I loved every single second of it... would absolutely do it again someday.

Every single woman out there should do this for herself. Thank you Chris and Erika for making me feel beautiful.

- Deedee O.

I would do it again in a heartbeat

- My 20th Anniversary Boudoir Photo Shoot -

20th Anniversary Boudoir Photo Shoot - Loboudoir Photography

Absolutely amazing... I didn't know what to expect but Chris, Samantha and Erika made this one of the most amazing experiences!

They answered all my silly questions and made me feel very comfortable even before I stepped into the studio. Erika did an incredible job with my makeup and outfits.

We had a blast listening to music and taking sexy boudoir photos. It was so, so much fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks again for an amazing experience.

- Lynda S.

the look on his face was priceless :)

- My Anniversary Boudoir Photo Session -

Anniversary Boudoir Photo Session - Loboudoir Photography

I did a lot of research before choosing LoBoudoir Photography for my boudoir shoot.

I was nervous at first but Chris and Erica put me at ease immediately. They made me feel very comfortable. Erica was amazing with hair and make-up.

When my album arrived I was just blown away. It was beautiful. I gave it to my husband as an Anniversary gift and the look on his face was priceless.

He absolutely loved. The experience was amazing!!!

- Lori D.


- My Bucket List Boudoir Shoot-

Bucket List Boudoir Shoot Photo- Loboudoir Photography

I don't know what made me wait 2 years to date after I booked my boudoir photo shoot before I finally said enough of making family and work come first.

Chris was so understanding for that. Chris and Erika were super professional and friendly. It made me automatically comfortable and ready to enjoy the process.

I love how they both actually helped out with how makeup pairs up with the outfits. Erika was always close by to make sure I was beautiful and Chris was always giving his advice on what poses work.

I definitely would encourage all women to make it happen and enjoy the process. Finally, when it came to choosing it was hard to choose, so chose an additional 2 to make it lucky #17 for my boudoir album.

- Marian L.

my nerves began changing into excitement once my makeover started

- My Bucket List Boudoir Session -

Bucket List Boudoir Session - Loboudoir Photography

My boudoir experience shooting with Chris was so much fun. Erica, his stylist is also an absolute doll with an awesome personality and she is incredibly talented in hair & makeup.

When I first arrived I was definitely anxious but my nerves began changing into excitement once my makeover started.

Chris was really helpful with deciding the order in which to wear each outfit, and as soon as the photo shoot started he and Erica helped me ease into my first poses.

Within probably 15 minutes of my 2 hour shoot I was comfortable, confident and definitely "in the zone." I would highly recommend a boudoir session with Chris.

The experience of being photographed was exhilarating and my photos are gorgeous!

- Gillian C.
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