helping you Prepare For Your boudoir EXPERIENCE

In an effort to enhance your photo shoot experience, please see all of our important ideas and details.

Preparing for your boudoir photo shoot is all part of the experience so take this time and have fun!

Here are pointers from us to guide you along the way.

Online Shopping
Here are some excellent suggestions from our clients:
Reasonably priced, quick shipping & have a lot of styles
Worth checking into
Nice variety, all true to size - worth looking into for curvy sizes
Has a bunch of lingerie, bodysuits, stockings, garters, etc.
Tons of variety, all true to size - worth checking into for curvy sizes
Nice selections in variety of styles and wide range of sizes
You're buying mostly from private sellers
Some sales are in original packaging and available in different sizes
In-Person Shopping
Many clients have had luck shopping at:
Yes I know, surprising
Forever 21
Yes, they have a intimates
Lane Bryant
Good fit for curvy sizes
Victoria's Secret
They are changing their business model and beginning to limit the variety in stores
Yeah no joke, they are improving their offerings
In the Freehold Mall, really inexpensive options we are still learning about them
They have a beautiful selection of sexy lingerie
How your day will flow

We will spend a good 20-30 minutes helping you unpack and of course an important studio tour.

Afterward, we'll spend some time talking about your desired level makeover and help make decisions on your the best of the best outfits to photograph within.

Your makeover and styling would be about 1 1/2 hours. Figure about 2 - 2 1/2 hours photographing.

Finally, it would be great if you're able to stay for an additional hour once we finish photographing. We would like to present your photographs to you, pick the photos for your album with us, and discuss any photo editing requests.

To help you plan your day you can estimate being with us till 3:00 - 3:30ish.

what to bring

Please Bring (1 Or 2) Extra Outfits Beyond The Number Of Outfit Changes Included In Your Session.

Also, Pack At Least (1) Extra Black Or Nude Bra And Panties.


Never underestimate hosiery!

There are many types, from fish-nets and stockings to thigh-highs and knee-highs all which make any outfit sexy.

Please bring a back up pair in a different color/style.

Need we say more?

4-5 pairs is a good idea.

Sometimes less is more - feel free to bring 3 to 4 of your favorite necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.

We do have a selection of Chloe & Isabel pieces within our dressing room, which are yours to try and enjoy.

We do not provide earnings for sanitary reasons


As a reminder your remaining balance is due the day of your session.

Your entire makeover is included within your quoted session fee. I just ask that you pay my stylist separately in cash. I will provide a final breakdown for you closer to your session.

I can accept cash or a check for the remaining portion of final balance.

In the event you wish to pay via credit card I will require a 3% convenience fee.

Should you want to add 2-3 extra photos within your album they are $35 each (just an FYI)


We welcome you bringing something of his your partner's or something that represents a hobby you both enjoy.

For example: a sports jersey, guitar, something from your wedding, work-boots, tie, skis, etc.


Even when getting your hair and makeup done professionally, we encourage you to bring any product(s) you have a strong attachment to.

Can you bring your daily foundation, daily lipstick and your fancy lipstick.
We would like to see your color/shades as a reference.


Watch what you eat a day or two before your session. This is not the time for crash dieting, but it’s worth avoiding anything that makes you feel bloated or you know will make you break out.
On the day of your shoot, you MUST eat, but aim for small healthy meals.

Hydrate! Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your photo shoot. It makes a world of difference to the appearance of your skin and eyes.

We have all the coffee, tea and water for you.

Please feel bring your own snacks as well!
our Favorite Stockings

We love these stockings because they do not squeeze your thighs as much as Victoria's Secret and other popular brands, plus they are inexpensive so you can bring more colors and extras to your shoot!

Here is a website link to purchase them,the style is 1706.

Another cool stocking I find helpful for added support if you're not comfortable with the appearance of traditional style stockings is a brand called Pretty Polly. See if their Shape It Up tights or Curves Suspender tights appeal to you.Our favorite sheer thigh high stockings are by the brand Conquette.

what not to do

Be careful with the side effect of new medication.

Try new skin or hair treatments well in advance (3-4 weeks) of your scheduled photo shoot.


Avoid ‘Spray Tanning’ as it does not reveal even skin tones head to toe.

When photographing under a variety of lighting - Natural skin is best!
Even if you tan all the time and are use to it.

We have not seen a great spray tan in 7 years.
We constantly run into: "OMG" panic calls the day before our clients session, stating: "this has never happened to me before."

Tanning naturally with mother nature - watch out for sunburn and your tan lines.

Any required photo editing to correct spray tan errors, sunburn or natural tan lines will require extra editing fee's.

personal HYGIENE & how to arrive

Wear a button-down shirt, tank top or low cut or v-neck t-shirt for makeup application and hair prep.

Loose fitting clothing is best - no skin impressions or marks.


On set in the fashion world, the term is called Clean - Clean.
Arriving with clean hair and clean face. The same applies for your boudoir shoot.

Clean face, free of makeup and moisturizer.

Bring your own moisturizer with you, if you like.

Be sure to tell us ahead of time if you are allergic to or sensitive to any makeup and/or skin-care products.

Eyebrows. We’ll do some killer makeup for you, but we don’t have time to tweeze.


Clean, dry hair

It is very important to have your hair completely dry when you arrive.
It doesn’t have to be a perfect blow-out, just 100% dry.
Any time spent drying and blowing out your hair can cut your session short. . .

DO NOT flat-iron your hair.

Worth mentioning, we do not have a large sink for washing your hair.

Let us know if you are allergic to or sensitive to specific hair-styling products, have a hair or scalp-related medical condition.

If you color your hair, get your roots done ahead of time.

what not to bring

Having a drink to help your nerves has a negative impact on your session.

Glassy eyes, redness of skin, impeded balance, disconnection of being in the moment during shooting, and affects the ability to respond to our creative direction.

We are often asked if bringing a gun for some photos is okay.

Always treat a gun as if it is loaded, right. Well having it around is a distraction from the creative process.

removing your makeover
So once the shoot wraps just be aware that you're still going to be in full hair and makeup.

If your session is a surprise and you can't go home with your makeover, feel free to bring your makeup so that you can apply your daily look.

We have make up wipes and products here you're welcome to use our bathroom to remove your makeover.
reminder about CANCELLATIONS
We have a strict cancellation policy due to the time and energy put into making sure your experience is incredible.
Also the personal scheduling of myself to photograph, Cheryl our stylist and Erika my editor to accommodate you on your session day.
Your retainer reserves the studio for you, for the day, reserve’s my team to assist you and we turn away all potential opportunities interested in your session date.
If you need to reschedule your session, you must reschedule within 7 days before your shoot – otherwise you forfeit your retainer fee. 

There are no exceptions for this, we apologize. 
If you have cold feet, run into shopping issues, contact us ASAP, we will help you!
feeling nervous ?
It's to be expected