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Boudoir done right has many parts & pieces for a momentous outcome. We will help you in more ways then you can imagine.

Our modern approach to boudoir photography captures the substance behind the sex appeal.

Behind the bedroom eyes and come-hither looks, our boudoir pictures are more than just intimate photos. They are unabashed portraits of real women who want to look and feel beautiful.

Shrugging off the clichéd and vacuous posing that can make boudoir silly and tasteless, we deliver sexy, natural, and timeless boudoir photography ideas.
NJ plus size boudoir photos by Loboudoir Photography
NJ Boudoir Book from Photo Shoot Studio - Hazlet NJ Loboudoir
custom designed album
Our handcrafted boudoir albums feature full-image non-crimped photo pages that lay flat. They have hinged binding and beautifully bound construction that offers both stability and durability.

Our Photoshop enhancing skills and design expertise will provide you with an unmistakably stylish and personalized keepsake of your favorite photographs.
studio full of ambiance
Our custom built boudoir studio is full of elegant décor and large windows that invite soft, natural light to create the perfect ambiance.

We will custom - tailor lighting, furnishings, and room environments so you can have multiple levels of expression, various vibes in your photos.
·        Multiple Rooms
·        11 on trend furniture pieces
·        15 custom photography setups
Our large private dressing room inside the studio allows you to change outfits comfortably and touch up your hair and makeup with ease.
New Jersey Boudoir Photo Shoot Studio - Hazlet NJ Loboudoir
Sexy NJ boudoir photos by Loboudoir Photography
TAILORED posing directions
Don’t let our photos intimidate you.  We have a way of making women look like models and photos look like fashion ads.

With our creative posing direction and flattering camera angles, you’ll nail the right poses for your body, outfits, personality, and taste without fake, forced expressions. 

·        Flattering Posing Tricks
·        Creative Direction
·        Plus Size Boudoir Poses
·        Calming Nerves & Motivation
·        Sexy Lighting Techniques
·        Diminishing Problem Areas
FLAWLESS hair + makeup artistry
Prepare to be amazed by our licensed artist, Erika.  Erika’s talents applying makeup, and eyelashes as well as hair styling are among the finest in the tri-state area. 

Erika is a licensed cosmetologist for hair, makeup, skincare and nails - and has 18 years of experience working in the field. She's also a Certified Makeup Artist for TV and Photography. 

Whether you prefer to stay natural or you want a more dramatic look, Erika will consult with you to establish the right level of application, colors, and shades to match the vibe you're after for your session.
NJ boudoir photo shoot - behind the scenes - Loboudoir Photography
NJ classy boudoir photos by Loboudoir Photography
creative boudoir
Our pricing is based on the time and energy we put into getting you the best out of this experience while crafting the outcome to your personality and your story. 

Planning your boudoir photo shoot down to the finest details includes:
·        Awesome places to shop
·        Choosing the best garments
·        Collaborating on your vision
·        Saving you $$ and time shopping
·        Flawless preparation guidance
·        A list of things to avoid doing
·        Creative photo ideas
protecting Your privacy
We take privacy seriously.

You always have the right to keep your photos from your boudoir session private. No photograph will ever be used for promotion without your consent.

The boudoir photos on our website are from real clients, who are too proud of how amazing they looked and couldn't help but grant us consent to post their images.
NJ bridal boudoir photography by Loboudoir Photography
Beyond your boudoir makeover, Erika is your fashion stylist for your entire photo shoot. It's effortless to look incredible.

You'll have her full attention and assistance during your shoot:
·        Picking your best outfits
·        Helping with any dressing needs
·        Pairing jewelry with your outfits
·        Refreshing your makeup
·        Assisting you with posing
·        Styling your hair for each pose
·        Fixing wardrobe malfunctions
Professional magazine quality retouching by our photo editor is included in our pricing.

There's no need to worry about little imperfections, blemishes, stretch marks, cellulite, and fine lines: we'll conceal these so you look your best.
New Jersey Boudoir Photo Editing - Hazlet NJ Loboudoir
Inside NJ Boudoir Photo Shoot Studio - Hazlet NJ Loboudoir
instant gratification
View all your boudoir photos in just 15 min. after your photoshoot. 

Relax in our viewing lounge with our photo editor Samantha to pick the best photos for your album, answer all your photo editing and album layout design questions.

Plus, you can even take home a handful of your favorite photos for free so you can brag to your friends!
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