New Jersey’s most satisfying boudoir
photography experience

Our modern approach captures the substance behind the sex appeal. LoBoudoir Photography uses the experience to make every women feel beautiful.

With LoBoudoir Photography you get the indulgence of TWO photographers. Unlike other boudoir photographers, yours will have 2x the pampering, 2x the creativity, 2x the photos and 2x the opportunity to capture the moments that matter! We are a dynamic team that works with each other to design photos with both masculine and feminine touches.

Behind the bedroom eyes and come-hither looks, our boudoir photography is more than intimate photos. They are unabashed portraits of real women who want to look and feel beautiful. Shrugging off the clichéd and vacuous posing that can make boudoir silly and tasteless, your genuine session is sexy, natural and timeless.

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We see boudoir photography as a movement, not a trend. We help women accept and express their sexuality freely and not to be ashamed of it.  If you believe life is not about collecting regrets, let us help you explore outside of your comfort zone without judgment.  

Your day with us is a life changing event.  Every moment consumed, with celebrating your individuality, looking beautiful, feeling amazingly sexy with dignity, elegance and class.

We offer the opportunity to see yourself in a new light, to feel more beautiful, more confident, and emotionally stronger than you have in years.

Imagine loving and accepting yourself.  Imagine feeling like someone new. Imagine radiating energy that draws others in; laughing louder, smiling easier, and walking taller. It may seem hard to believe what we are saying, but we’ve helped hundreds of women feel like this and so much more. The confidence gained will last a life time and your memories will never fade.

We are the most satisfying boudoir photography experience in New Jersey and New York.  Your day is a peek into the beauty and fashion world that models & celebrities go through. We will show you that you can look “like that” when you’re pampered in the same way as women featured in today’s magazines.  I’m referring to professional, highly skilled makeup and hair styling, proper garment and accessory selections, creative posing direction, flattering camera angles, special lighting tricks and yes, specialized computer retouching. 

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