So What The Hell Is Boudoir Photography?


If you have never heard of boudoir photography, it can be as confusing to understand as it can to pronounce or spell. 

Simply put; boudoir is a photographic approach and personal experience in intimate portraiture vs. a photographic style.     

When a professional model is photographed for a lingerie line, the shoot is not considered boudoir due to the intent of the shoot and also the production circumstances.  For example, as a professional she is being paid for her services, the goal of the photographs is for advertising and/or her additional portfolio building.

The photos are choreographed by an ad agency art director, and a vast number of assistants are on set to make it successful, as and to meet deadlines. It’s a busy, fast paced time and its all business.  Under these conditions, regardless of what a professional model is wearing, the shoot is simply glamour/fashion photography.   


If you were to take a few images of yourself in your favorite lingerie or swim suit – close but no cigar, it’s still not considered boudoir photography.   Boudoir photography is a service for non-professional models (primarily for women) who wish to have sensual photos of themselves for personal use and enjoyment.


Having the courage be in front of strangers in your underwear is not an easy feat. However, when professionally handled, the experience is energizing and has many positive outcomes. Most boudoir clients have no experience posing in front of a camera other than for family, wedding, school or vacation photos.


For many women, the draw of booking a boudoir session is to be daring, treat yourself to a day that is all about you, celebrate your beauty, your style, your new body, a gift to yourself, an unexpected gift for your partner’s momentous birthday or wedding anniversary.  


 Hiring the right boudoir photographer for you is essential.  Your ability to work with a photographer that will listen to your requests and customize your experience to meet your comfort level, goals and objectives is just as important as the quality of their work.